• Altor is an incredible platform and a fun team to work with. Altor is a differentiated investor in the mid-market. The flexible mandate allows to partner with exciting companies to create value. We are a growing and learning firm- it is fun to be part of it and take a role in shaping it. Altor is founder-led and this shows in how the organization cares about individuals. I continue to be fascinated by the combination of the highly distinguished profiles of our team and each individual’s humbleness.


    Partner, Zürich

  • When I started working at Altor I was surprised by the sheer breadth of the work we do – no two days are the same! As investment professionals we are expected to build a ‘Swiss Army knife’ of capabilities related to both deal sourcing/execution and portfolio value creation. We work as generalists so have to be familiar with subject areas within e.g. corporate finance, strategy execution, debt structuring, and law. Since we all join with various backgrounds, we each have our ‘spikes’ and can leverage colleagues with either more experience or with a particular background to get help with any issue at hand.


    Senior Associate, Copenhagen

  • From the very first day I truly felt that Altor is a company that takes care of its employees and makes an effort to ensure that each employee feels as a part of the Altor family – I always feel welcomed in whichever Altor office I visit. My best advice to anyone thinking about taking a job in Private Equity or at Altor? Don’t underestimate your knowledge or skills and don't hesitate to bring your ideas forward when you believe they can add value to the company.


    Executive Assistant & Office Manager, Helsinki

  • The most challenging part about my role is to efficiently manage the amount of different tasks that often run in parallel. In Altor, you are following up portfolio companies and closely working with them to reach your common goals. At the same time, you are searching for new investment opportunities, which is highly captivating. Further, you often work within many different disciplines, engaging with management, lawyers, bankers and consultants to name a few. To efficiently navigate this variety of tasks and prioritizing your efforts on the most important issues is challenging, but it also enables fantastic learning opportunities.


    Associate, Oslo

  • Altor for me is my ambitious work family that I learn from every day. What’s most challenging in my role is the continuously changing market environment and thereby varying work tasks. No day is ever the same and I think it is really fun to follow our investments throughout the years and see their development. My best advice to anyone wanting to take a job in Private Equity? Don't be afraid of learning-by-doing and taking initiative!”


    Head of Performance Management & Valuation, Stockholm

  • Altor is a fun and challenging place where we have a joint drive to support our companies on the journey to become world class. What surprised me most when I started working at Altor was that it felt like a “small” company – in a good way. If you are interested in what a life as an investment professional would be like, try to meet a few people working with Private Equity or at Altor for a coffee. That will help you decide where you want to work, and it will also allow you to ask questions to prepare accordingly for the interviews.


    Partner, Stockholm